To sustain an effective and responsive College of Engineering that will serve as an instrument in regional, national, and global industrialization.



To produce competitive engineers in accordance with act standards of excellence who shall assume active leadership in the field of engineering and technology.


General Objectives

  1. To provide quality education relevant to the provincial, regional and national development plans.
  2. To develop globally competitive professional trained in various technological and engineering fields.
  3. To promote the development of viable technology through the scientific and technological
    research by tapping the unrealized potentials of the country’s resources.
  4. To pursue an aggressive faculty development program relevant to the needs of the different fields of specialization.
  5. To link the faculty and students with the mainstream of extension and production programs of the university and the community by providing technical and engineering assistance to special projects and work.
  6. To set up service operations, develop, fabricate and maintain equipment and facilities for the university in cooperation with the physical Plant Division.


Specific Objectives

  1. To produce graduates with the necessary theoretical knowledge of mathematics and natural sciences as well as the background knowledge needed by them to acquire the experience and practical skills required for professional engineers.
  2. To educate students for their careers as engineers to enable them to contribute to the development effort of the country and qualify them for employment for providing them with both the theoretical and practical training in classroom and laboratory instruction coupled with such field experience as can be made available through concerted effort by the engineering school.