The mechanical engineering department is considered as one of the three pioneer departments at the college of engineering. Core faculties are composed of five full time faculties and one part time faculty. All of the faculty members had their experience in manufacturing/industrial plants, construction and commissioning, power plant, and administration before becoming a faculty member. Thus prepares students not only in passing the board exam but to prepare them also in the actual world of mechanical engineering.

The departments thru its faculties are also actively involved in Research and Extension. In research, the department is involved in machine fabrication and in hydrous bioethanol blends testing. Most of the faculties are members of the Regional Energy Audit Team of the Department of Science and Technology, Region 1 who helps SME’s in the region minimize or optimize their cost of production or processing.

The department produces graduates that are successful in board exams above the National Passing Percentages.

Most of the MMSU graduates in Mechanical Engineering are working abroad, in Manila and suburbs. There are those working in Power plants as maintenance managers and supervisors, in  Malls as facility and resident engineers, in manufacturing plants as engineering supervisors and production engineers, some have already their own companies, some are consultants in designs and construction projects, there are those who became seamen, some join the air force.

The mechanical engineering department is set to attain the following objectives:

1. to produce graduates that will be successful in passing the board exam.

2. to produce graduates to become industry ready in the field of mechanical engineering

3. to produce graduates with the ability to practice professional and ethical responsibility and to function on a multi-disciplinary team; and

4. to produce graduates understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global and societal context.