Mechanical Engineering (ME)

About the Program

BS in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and broadest engineering field. The same thing when MMSU Industrial Technology offered BS Mechanical Engineering (BSME) Program as one of the first three engineering courses offered way back in 1982 before the Con ollege of Engineering was established in 1986. It is an engineering field of study that concerns itself with mechanical design, energy conversion, fuel and combustion technologies, heat transfer, materials, manufacturing processes, automatic control, product safety and reliability, renewable energy, and technological impacts to society.

The BSME program aims to produce graduates that can plan, design, manage, operate, and maintain mechanical systems, machineries / equipment, mechanical plants/processes, and projects; and to provide quality Mechanical Engineering education that will allow the full development of the students to prepare them in their professional life as a globally competitive engineers who are cognizant of their duties.

Originally, BSME program offers a 5-year course with 217 units on its old curriculum. This is reduced to a new curriculum 4-year engineering program prepared for the K to 12 curriculum totaling to 187 units. The said new curriculum offers two track with CHED contents notation on CAD-CAM; and on Energy Management, Conservation and Audit Measures.

Graduates of this course will become Managers and supervisors, Safety Engineers & Inspectors, Quality Control/Assurance Engineers, Mechanical Designers, MEPF Engineers, R & D Engineers, Consultants, Academians, Sales Engineers, HVAC Engineers, Production Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, Instrumentation Engineers, Mechanical Plant Supervisors, successful businessman/entrepreneur related to Mechanical Engineering, and others that may be employed on shore or off shore, either on land, air, or on board water craft.

Recognition of the Department

  • 2013 MMSU Presidential Award (PRAISE) on high ME board exam passing percentage
  • 2017 MMSU Presidential Award (PRAISE) on above national passing percentage of ME Board Exam for five straight years